A Gallery to Inspire the DIY-er in You

Family Preparing Salad 81754975I am no DIY genius. There’s no way I could come up with enough DIY ideas all on my own to keep my house clicking along at it’s fine pace of creative and useful upgrades. I spend a good deal of time scouring the Internet and collecting ideas, and then I spend a good deal of time undertaking those projects. I’ve done this for a while all to my own satisfaction, and then I thought to myself, “everything we do can help someone else right?” So, I’ll share them here on Abacot Gallery and hopefully you’ll find inspiring, what I found inspiring to do. Best of luck to you in your DIY endeavors!

A Few Of My Favorites:

Since this is the first page of all posts it’s a great place to put down (in no particular order) some of my favorite projects I’ve encountered.

  1. The Affordable Fountain Made Out of Anything: I always thought fountains were a difficult project to undertake. I mean, one would think they have a myriad of tiny working parts, right? Well, partially. But instead of spending a lot of money for a fountain that was simply cracked out of the big box 1182067_75836430store mold and priced up to make money, I discovered how easy it is to make a fountain out of whatever you want.

The main parts of a working fountain are these: a pump, a reservoir of water, and a sculpture for the water to bubble over. You can find all three at your hardware store. Then make sure you buy a copper pipe to thread through your assembled sculpture, threaded adapters and a ball valve, and a piece of metal screening to serve as the decking for your fountain. You can find more detailed instructions here.

  1. The Sandbox Pirate Ship: Let’s not just stick our kids out in the dirt and hope their imaginations go wild, let’s 9527386_lgive them food for thought! I love the simplicity of building a sandbox ship, and hoping they’ll spend hours in it. All you need is some wooden planks, a pole for a mast, and a nice piece of canvas for the sail.
  2. The homemade clock: I have an obsession with clocks, especially unique ones. So, when I learned that all you need to make your own clock is the movement (the little box of gears) and the hands, I fell in love with the idea. Whether you use your kids favorite keep sake, or an old musical instrument there are truly endless opportunities for great clocks!

Hopefully the projects you find here will be the food for thought you need to get started on your own! Make sure you have a ladder, a tool box, and some creativity and you’re ready to get going!

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